Shepherds & Minister

Shepherds & Minister

From left to right: Heath Stone, Randy Runner, Kirby Kemble, & Randy Kingrey


Kirby Kemble     

Kirby was born and raised in Louisville and has been a member at Manslick Rd. since 1994, coming to the Lord in 1985. He and his wife Angela have raised three children, Lauren, Benjamin, and Kelsin, all of whom are serving God in their own lives. Kirby worked as a band director at Bernheim Middle School for 31 years. His experience as a father and as a teacher instilled in him a love for teaching children, always enthused by their desire to learn; this has prompted him to have the same desire to teach others about the salvation their souls can find in Christ. Kirby also has a passion for encouraging Christians to strive for excellence in the Kingdom of Christ.


Randy Kingrey

Randy was raised in Huntington, Indiana, moving to Louisville for work in 2014. He immediately felt at home at Manslick Rd., impressed with the godly focus and general hospitality of the congregation. Randy obeyed the gospel and was baptized as a teen. Randy and wife Tammy have raised two godly daughters, Ashton and Hannah. Randy values the role of a shepherd as he is able to guide souls to spiritual growth in Christ.


Randy Runner 

Randy was raised in Louisville, obeying the gospel as a teenager. Throughout his upbringing, Randy was influenced by various Christians in the area and seeks to be an influence for good at Manslick Rd. and in Louisville. Randy has attended Manslick Rd. since the late 1980s with his wife, Tina, where they have raised their daughter, Natalee. He is a business owner and finds greatest reward in spiritual service. Randy has a passion for equipping new converts with the first principles of the gospel and for following the servant-based example of Jesus. 


Heath Stone

Heath was raised in western Kentucky and lived most of his adult life in Danville, KY with his wife Eva. They moved to Louisville in 2019 after being transferred for work. Eva serves as head of nursing for Jefferson County Public Schools, and Heath works for the Buillitt County Health Department. But their greatest joy comes in their three daughters (Hannah, Millie, and Samantha) and grandchildren. Heath has a passion for equipping all people to serve God in all parts of life.



Ryan Cummings

Ryan was born in Bowling Green, KY and has served with the Manslick Road church since June 2016. He and his wife, Jessica, are blessed with a daughter Brooklyn and twin boys, Adam and Camden. Ryan has a passion for the sharing of the gospel, bringing the good news of Jesus to the world; he is fluent in both English and Spanish. His academic studies focused on Communication, completing a BA at Florida College, an MA at Western Kentucky University, and a PhD from Purdue University. His sermons seek to use Biblical principles to illuminate the nature of God and His Word, applying these principles to life today.